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Suspension Service

We gave suspension services its own page because we really enjoy suspension and our capabilities runs deeper than most in the area. We provide full rebuilds on most makes and models in-house. If we cannot make it happen, we have partnered with a custom tuning shop to help out making us a hub for it all. We also have upgrade programs that we can offer if your suspension cannot be fixed.

Our service pricing has ranges because the complexity, time and parts varies so much between brands, performance levels and services offered. If you have specific questions please send us a note. We are flexible. During peak season turnout time is approximately 1 week or less. 

Coming soon - New rear shock vacuum bleeder. There are some models that require this.

Check out our events page as we offer suspension learning sessions throughout the year to provide you with an understanding of how your suspension operates, how to set it up properly and how you as a rider while riding affect how your suspension functions. We love learning and sharing.

Suspension Package Options

Suspension Forks

$30 - 185

Suspension Service includes:

Lower Leg service is $30 (Coil Forks) -$80. Parts/Service Kits extra. Supplies included (oils/fluids).

Full Overhaul is $145-185. Parts/service kits and supplies are included.

*Removal from and install on bike is an additional service charge -We need to readjust brakes and rebuild headset

*The range is based on brand/models. 

Rear Shock

$35 - 185

  • Service includes:
  • Air can service is $35. Parts/Service kits extra.
  • Full service is $135-185. All parts/supplies/nitrogen included on full service.
  • Removal and install is extra. We will check all bearings at this time as well.

Dropper Post 


  • Dropper Post Service includes:
  • Range based on brand/model
  • Dropper post rebuild
  • Parts/Supplies included
  • *New dropper post install is done on an hourly basis. Mostly depends on routing through frame and getting pro housing length.

Suspension setup services

We want to help make sure your bike is setup correctly for your riding style and weight. This keeps you more comfortable while riding and saves you energy. An additional tool that we have available are rentals of the Quarq Shock Whiz.  These are devices that we install on your bike and are connected to your suspension that we can use to help dial in your suspension set up on the trails that you ride the most.

The rental is 5 days - so you have time to ride multiple times - $80 for 2 units (front and rear suspension) or $50 for a single (Front or rear). This also includes our time to get you dialed.

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.