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Local Area Cycling

Madison, WI Area Cycling

We love bicycle riding of all sorts, it's our passion and a way of life. We have learned through the years from experience and would love to share with you but these fine organizations are an awesome resource for those starting out or new to the area.

Capitol Off Road pathfinders

CORP is Dane counties mountain bike advocacy group. If you have ridden an off-road trail in the county they have had their hand in it. Support them by being a member, donating or volunteering. We are proud supporters of their efforts.

Madison Bikes

They are all about utility riding within the Madison area and helping to make our bicycle route network stronger and safer. They have an awesome facebook group to keep you informed and a community to ask questions of.

City of Madison bike routes

Interactive maps of Madison's bicycle routes. We also have free paper maps at the store, they are nice and unfold to show entire area on one page.

City of Madison Bike info

Dane County bike routes

Trail information on all Dane County bicycle routes, trails and parks. Dane county is one of the most connected network of bicycle trails anywhere. They spend a lot of their time and dollars to connect with individual cities, state and other counties trails via low stress bicycle routes

Dane County trail information

Wisco state bike trails

Trail information on Wisconsin DNR state trails. We have some great ones locally that can get you a long ways from the shop.

Wisco State bicycle trail info

Locally for the Kids

Wisconsin NICA team information

Kids on bikes is a good thing. Wisconsin has a National Interscholastic Cycling Association league and its HUGE. Want to find a team, want to create a team? This is where to start.

CamRock Youth MTB Club

A great group that is all about teaching kids MTB skills, great coaches and your kids get to ride with other kids their age.

Blackhawk youth MTB lessons

For the west side residents this is a great group. They are all about teaching kids MTB skills, great coaches and your kids get to ride with other kids their age.