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Bike Fitting

Improve Your Comfort & Performance

The fitting services offered here are operated by Craig Watson of BikesBikesBikes. We created this partnership as we realize we cannot be experts in everything and Craig is an expert bicycle fitter that we trust. He has 13,000 + hours of bike fitting experience in addition to teaching bike fitting to other bicycle retailers. He knows what he is talking about. His knowledge and principles can help regardless of what type of cycling you enjoy, from Triathlon to Cargo bikes - yes cargo bike riders can benefit from a fitting session.

We are truly honored to have his studio within our store. We hope you take advantage of his expertise.

Bike Fitting Services

We all have different needs, on different bicycles and the fitting services offered are not a one size fits all. This is not a complete list of services. Craig is flexible to work with you based on your needs. Want to discuss what your experiencing? Contact Craig to schedule your appointment today.



Complete fitting session - this covers it all. The most popular

(3 hr session)



 Bike Fitting Session for Mountain Bikes, Fat Bikes, Commuter Bikes and Recumbents

(3 hr session)



Bike Fitting Session for Commuter Bikes or Flat-Bar Recreational Bikes without clip-in pedals

(2 hr session)

Contact Craig to schedule your fit session today.