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Demo Bikes

Demo Bike Program

We have demo bikes 

Why demo a bicycle and why from us? Size is part of the equation but also every person has a slightly different riding style and your future bike should match that style as best as possible.

We believe to find the right bike for you, you should be able to ride it on your home trails, when it fits with your schedule and have it set up properly to get the most out of your evaluation.

Simple as possible - Mountain bikes are $100 a day. Ebikes are $100 a day. Come in, get properly set up, go ride bikes, bring back. The demo cost is not lost as it will go towards the purchase of a bike (Some exclusions on this).

Reserve Your Bike

Want to demo a bike? We try to make it easy. Message us or call for up to the moment availability.


  • 2022 Anthem Advanced Pro 29" - Large
  • 2023 Trance Advanced Pro 29" - Large
  • 2023 Yukon 1 Fat Bikes - S, M, L and XL

Pivot / Kona/ Guerilla Gravity/ Canfield

  • Trail Pistol 29" Size 3 (SALE) - Custom build - $4.5K
  • Shred Dogg - Complete, size 3 (SALE) - $2900
  • Trail Pistol (full Rev) Complete, size 2 (SALE) - $4000
  • Canfield Tilt -Large and Med
  • Pivot Shadowcat 27.5- Large 



Did You Fall in Love?

If you demo or rent a bike and decide that you can’t live without it, we’ll gladly put your demo fee towards the purchase of a new bike (up to 2 days worth of demo). The purchase needs to be within 60 days of your last demo.

Contact us to schedule your demo bike today.