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We have a complete service center for any make or type of bicycle. No appointment necessary. Below is a list of our service pricing, this is not complete but gives a range. We do not have set pricing for tune-ups, bring in your bike, we will do a 5 min evaluation and give an estimate on what we see. We feel this provides you with more value and options.

One of our specialties is suspension service and set up. We provide full rebuilds on most makes and models in-house. If we cannot make it happen, we have partnered with a custom tuning shop to help out which makes us a hub for it all. There are also upgrade programs that we can offer if your suspension cannot be fixed. We have several Quarq Shock Whiz's that we can use to help dial in your suspension set up on the trails that you ride the most.

Bike fitting - You have the opportunity to be professionally fitted by the one and only Craig Watson within the convenience of our shop. Craig is one of the most experienced (13,000 + hours) bike fitters in the world. To see pricing and to schedule an appointment visit


Hourly Rate $75.00  
Tire/Tube Replacement $15.00  
Derailleur adjustment $25.00  
Disc Brake bleed $50.00  
Mechanical Brake Adjust $20.00  
Disc Brake Adjust $15.00  
Headset Install/Overhaul Hourly Based  
Fork Install Hourly based  
Headset Adjust $15-25  
Tubeless Tire Install $20.00  
Disc Rotor install $10.00  
Chain replacement $15.00  
Spoke replace $35.00 $2 per spoke
Cassette change $15.00  
Chainring install $20.00  
Bottom Bracket overall/ Install Hourly based  
Wheel True $15.00  
Wheel Build $100.00  
Hub adjust $15.00  
Hub Overhaul Hourly Based  
Saddle Install $10.00  
Rack install $15.00  
Fender install $25.00  
Pedal install $10.00  
Cleat install $15.00  
Computer install $20.00  
Bar tape wrap $25.00  
Grip-Bar end -Mirror install $10.00  
Box Bike to ship $100.00  
Suspension Service - Message for specific rates $35-175 Model and service type based - Lower Leg/Air Sleeve/Dust wiper or 150-hour full service. Parts/supplies included
Dropper post rebuild $100-$160 Parts/Supplies included
Dropper post install Hourly Based  


An additional suspension set up service we offer is Quarq Shockwiz rentals. These devices allow us to send you to ride your favorite trails and collect data at the same time. We are then able to analyze the data and make any necessary adjustments. The rental is 5 days, $80 for 2 units (front and rear suspension) or $50 for a single (Front or rear). This also includes our time to get you dialed.